ADRA Distributed Emergency Items to Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Survivors

Thanks to your generous support, ADRA Hong Kong was able to contribute $70,000 USD towards ADRA’s emergency response!

ADRA escalated emergency response operations to the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria affecting 24 million people, injuring more than 125,000 and claiming the lives of more than 54,000. Continual aftershocks, including a 6.3 magnitude shallow quake on 20 February, have added further to the already critically devastated area.

“Before the disaster happened, we were already in the region and have been for a long time, both in Syria and in the past, also in Türkiye. We are committed to supporting the communities in both nationsBecause we have knowledge of the situation, we understand the environment, and have the trust of the population we can mobilize resources quickly to help the most affected.” Mario Oliveira, Director of Emergency Response Management, ADRA International.

Since the day of the initial disaster, ADRA was working in collaboration with the Adventist Church, government leaders, and trusted partners to ensure that aid and resources reach affected communities.

ADRA Syria responded in Aleppo, Hama and Latakia providing food, drinking water and hygiene items to 12,055 individuals. ADRA also worked to establish shelters. In Syria alone, it is estimated 7.2 million people had been affected. Of those, 894,523 were in desperate need of shelter and non food items. There was concern that sewage lines contaminated water lines. As a result, ADRA teamed up with local authorities in Syria to quickly repair and rehabilitate water facilities to improve water access in affected communities.

In Türkiye, ADRA provided micro grants to local organizations used to equip hospitals with tools and supplies, as well as providing heaters, stoves and food supplies to earthquake survivors. ADRA also worked to provide shelter to families displaced by the disaster. In Türkiye, ADRA had a highly specialized technician assisting the Hungarian search and rescue team in locating people buried beneath the rubble near Hatay, Türkiye, where 500,000 people lost their homes. ADRA supplied critical tools for rescue operations, such as hammers and drills, as well as concrete and metal cutting equipment where the team were able to pull 11 survivors from the rubble.

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